About your stay at The Sheldon

Included with every room

A Comfortable Bed

Wi-Fi Connection

FreeSat Television

Refreshment Tray

Private Parking

Daily Service

Luxury Toiletries

Breakfast *


* Please be aware that breakfast is only guaranteed to be included when booking direct (unless otherwise stated).

Something for everyone

Kids Playroom


Local Discounts

Benefit from discounts at local restaurants, cafès and attractions.

That's not all

We're located minutes from the town center and the seafront.

We have a secure front-door entry system. Every keyset is equipped with a unique fob.

All rooms are pet & smoking-free and our bed sheets are low-allergy.

Enjoy life outside the room, we now offer a baby-sitting service from just £7.50 per hour. Contact us for more details.

Lift from ground floor to all upper floors. Please note that the lift does not go to lower-ground rooms.